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We, the members of Trinity Bible Fellowship, affirm that God's love and offer of redemption extend to all the peoples of the earth.  It is His supreme desire to make disciples of His Son, Jesus, among all peoples of the world and to see His church established among every tribe, tongue, and race.
We believe each Christian is personally accountable for carrying out God's plan.  Missions is not a special interest for a select group in our church, it is for all.
We also recognize that Trinity Bible Fellowship is corporately responsible to carry out God's plan for the nations.  We, therefore, commit ourselves to work together in a mission program that will be an appropriate, obedient response to God's call to be involved in missions.
Randy and Lynne Anderson

Retired missionary, Randy served most recently as Pastor at Blanchard Community Church in Blanchard, Idaho.

He previously served many years as a missionary with InFaith Missions, working as a Youth Missionary, Camp Director, Church planter and Pastor. 

  Randy and Lynne have three adult daughters,

  two sons in law, and two grandchildren.

Brad & Shilo Cain- Ethnos 360

Brad and Shilo are missionaries with Ethnos 360, providing education to missionary kids.

Serving in: Serving in Chihuahua, Mexico at Colegio Binimea Mission School

Brad and Shilo Cain work, teaching and discipline missionaries' children in Mexico with Ethnos 360.  Brad is also developing online educational support services for homeschoolers.

"We are excited to have a part in the lives of missionaries' children.  This is a unique ministry since growing up in 2-3 different cultures means that MK's have a childhood like no other.

We count it a privilege to use the opportunities that God gives us to help them grow in their relationship with Him, whether it be through formal preparation in school, or through informal times of discipleship in everyday life situations.

By providing educational support to missionaries and their families, we know that we play a vital role in seeing the Gospel come to those who have never heard" ~ Brad

Pastor Daniel Chittumuri- Christian Faith Ministries, India

​Pastor Daniel Chittumuri is an Indian pastor who administrates a Bible college, an orphanage, a children's school, a widow's training school, and a care facility for the elderly, as well as pastoring a church.

Randy and Laura Damschen- Ethnos 360


Randy- NTM Tech Center: Director of Operations and MTC Teacher;

Laura - Ethnos360 Bookstore and MTC Childcare Coordinator


Serving In: United States

Missionaries serving in the USA play vital roles on the church planting team such as training, accounting for, and transferring gifts, recruiting missionaries, and informing and involving churches and individuals.  Like those who serve overseas, USA missionaries are responsible to raise financial support to pay their salary and ministry expenses, looking to God, trusting only in Him to provide through His people.

Hamms summer 2021.jpg
Cam & Valerie Hamm- Cameroon

Serving in: Cameroon, Africa

MinistryCam, Valerie, Noah, Elizabeth (Elly), and Joseph (Jojo) are with Wycliff members serving with SIL in Cameroon, developing an alphabet. 

Cam explains: "We work in with a team targeting 10 languages, called the Ndop Cluster, providing leadership to linguistic research - figuring out the details of grammars, dictionaries, and how to write these languages so that any message passed in writing is easily understandable by another person literate in the language.  We also are involved in translation, and have done intermediate Bible translation checking, helping to check translation drafts in Bafanji for accuracy, naturalness, and spelling and punctuation (the final consultant will not be able to assess naturalness and spelling as well as we can, since we are much more intimately involved in learning about the grammar and spelling rules of the language)."

Robert and Cindy McDowall- Eastern Washington

Robert and Cindy McDowall serve with InFaith to reach out to the community through a number of different ministries. From church planting and pastoral placement to discipleship and counseling, Robert’s passion is leading people to salvation in Jesus Christ. He also encourages local churches to be a light in their community and helps them in ministry development. Robert is also the assistant director of Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp in northern Idaho. The camp’s twelve acres have developed into a year-round camp that draws thousands of people annually.

Lynda Image_5.1.2.jpg
Lynda Morock- USA


Lynda Morock is a retired missionary from Southside Community Church and Village Missions.  She joined her late husband, Bruce serving many years in Mexico, a few years as director of Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp, and a few years as Pastor of Friant Foothill Bible church in California.


Bruce and Lynda have two children and 14  grandchildren.

reynas 1.jpg
Vicente Reyna- Mexico


Serving in: Nueva Leon, Mexico


Ministry: Vicente is a Mexican national who pastors a church in Los Adobes Village in Nueva Leon, Mexico.

hoffman 2.jpg
Randy & Margo- Mideast


Serving in: missionary training.


Ministry: Randy & Margo train missionaries to the Mideast.

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